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About our Show

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Updated Dec 12, 2022

"America's Home Spun Gospel" features the best Southern Gospel music from local, regional, and non-professional artists from around the globe. Hosted by Danny Howell and Randy Abel, the show was in syndication for more than 5 years, amassing more than 200 weekly episodes!

   Every show is a 1-hour look into the music that made the Industry take notice, and promoted a featured artist or subject each week.

MANY Southern Gospel artists have been featured on our show; some of which have since gone to be with our Lord, while others have truly made names for themselves. For example, we once featured a 14-year-old girl with an amazing voice. Her name is Victoria Huggins. Victoria is now a beautiful young woman who has been on "American Idol" and in 2017, she was crowned Miss North Carolina.

Incredible Southern Gospel music, mixed with commentary, a little humor, and an occasional in-studio interview; along with tight production and show imaging, formed the backbone for a FUN vehicle that was known as, "America's Home Spun Gospel"!


   Pre-order the complete "America's Home Spun Gospel" Archives Collection on Pen Drive now. We were hoping to have some ready for Christmas, but that didn't quite work out due to illness in the family.

The Pen Drive contains the entire Archive Collection - over 100 hours of shows, PLUS a folder containing the Format (radio station's Table of Contents), in .PDF form, for every show on the Pen Drive.

The Formats are ideal for browsing the listing of songs and artists featured on that particular show; so if you're looking for a particular artist or song, browse through the Formats to determine which show(s) you want to hear, then select that show from the MP3 files by show number, and enjoy!

It's perfect for listening while driving. Simply plug the Pen Drive into your vehicle's USB port, select the "track" (Program) you'd like to listen to, and enjoy!

Pre-order your Archive Collection Pen Drive(s) today! As a pre-order special, we're offering the entire Archive Collection on Pen Drive at a discounted price of just $29.99 plus $6.99 Shipping (Total $36.98). Once the pre-order stage is over, the price will increase, so order via CashApp now!

Please note: The process of digitizing the library is ongoing, and total number of episodes to be part of it is still unknown; however, we guarantee two things... 1.) There WILL be at LEAST 100 of the best episodes, and 2.) You will absolutely LOVE it!


CashApp: $AHSGNet

Please be sure to include your Name, Email address, shipping address, and how many copies you're ordering when you place your order. All orders will be sent via USPS Priority Mail. Multiple copy orders will ship in the same package for a total shipping fee of $6.99 (See what we did there? Some companies charge separate shipping fees for each item - not us!). As long as they're shipped in the same package, it's one shipping fee.

As Ted Clark always says at the end of each episode, "Thank you for listening to 'America's Home Spun Gospel'!!!"

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